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Meal Plans

Reach your body goals - No restrictions

Easy to follow

Food you enjoy

Access to community support

Our amazing Facebook group is full of women who uplift, support and empower

Gym or Home


Training plan tailored to you, to help you meet your fitness and body goals

8 live module calls

Learn about:

nutrition & training


Self-love & Confidence

Mental Health

what is sass camp?

Sass C.A.M.P. is my 8 week fitness challenge!

If you’re sick of doing programs that have boring meal plans, the workouts don’t feel good for you and you feel like you’re not getting the support you need to succeed... Then you definitely need Sass CAMP!

Struggle with food and training?

I take care of that! Not only do you get easy to follow meal and training plans,

but I will also coach you on how to eat well, still enjoy the food you love and

boss your workouts!

I know as a women we have a lot of different things to balance on our plates, all the time!

It can feel overwhelming and difficult to manage at times.

That is why I include mindset modules in Sass Camp – learn how to cope better with stress (and not turn to food for comfort!), plan your days effectively and find your focus again.

Our group community is so amazing at lifting you up, you can see that others are struggling too and how they overcome their struggles. You are not alone, we are stronger together!

‘I don’t feel sexy.’ Have you ever said this to yourself?

Me too! (yes, really!)

It is difficult to overcome these negative emotions, it can be a struggle to find self love and feel like a woman.

Let me help you find your feminine power again!

At Sass Camp you will learn to find self-confidence and what feeling sexy means to you through my weekly tasks and mindset modules.

Enjoy weekly mindset check-ins via the community, and 2 weekly check-ins with me to assess your progress, adjust your plan and help you with any areas you feel you struggle with.

Get a 2x 30 minute coaching calls with me - first is a getting to know you call so I can make sure I give you the best plan for you. The next call is half-way through so we can check-in and keep you going!


As a bonus, I teach you how to pose like a Sass Queen for your selfies and photos.

This module ALWAYS gets amazing feedback!

From 'I am not sexy, I can't do this' to...

'Wow! I really enjoyed that, I feel a lot better in front of a camera'

Are you ready to work hard, put into action the positive steps of SASS C.A.M.P. and find your sexy again?


​Then apply now to join our next start date - we roll 8 weeks continuously as our ladies like to back-to-back this plan.

£180 for 8 weeks

Or 2x £90

January 4th 2021

Apply for the next Sass C.A.M.P.

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