Helping women to get strong, sexy and sassy

I'm the owner of Bewitched.


I originally founded Bewitched in 2011 when I decided to follow a career in fitness. Originally I only taught group pole fitness classes!


This soon grew to include aerial hoops and silks, exotic dance, personal training and then online coaching.


Have I always felt sexy and confident?

Hell no! I only started dancing sexy 3 years after opening my business. But once I started, it grew confidence in me and my business grew. Bewitched was full of so many women - supporting each other and getting strong!

I knew other women wanted to feel sexy but there hadn't been any real public space for this, let alone online. I wanted to provide a safe, non-judgemental place for women to be themselves and to be sexy!

Sexiness and sexy are individual to every person. For me it brings self-love, body confidence and sass! It's not always 'sexual' - its how I present myself to the world and feel damn good!

I want to share this confidence and strength with other women; to grow our community to provide support and fun, a place to share experiences and more; and help women feel good about their bodies and in their minds.